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(добавлено 10 ноября. 2013)

USB Host Controller for 3DO FZ-1


- USB Host Hi-Speed(480 Mbit/s)
- supports any USB media up to 2 TBytes: USB Flashstik, USB HDD, USB-SD
- FAT32
long file names
- unlimited sub-directories with any names
- fast loadings
- 100% compatible (connecting & working as generic CD Controller)
- "open/close" button used for return to Menu
- easy installation - plug & play (100% solder free solution)
- excellent design as usual ;)
- additional features: save NVRAM to File and vice versa, launch ISO images without RSA sign
- warranty 50 years




external version - is flexible solution, also can be installed as internal.

external version with front panel

internal version