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last update of this page  Sept 20, 2018

Price will going to low when demand going to low.



  USB for 3DO FZ-10   $150
  USB for 3DO FZ-10 + soldering service $190
  USB for Goldstar 3DO GDO-101   $115
  USB for Sanyo 3DO   $115
  USB for 3DO FZ-1 internal USB $195
  USB for 3DO FZ-1 external USB with front panel $235

Make 3DO USB order
1 order - 1 device
In most cases, ship out at next day after payment.


USB-GDROM with lid switch: $153-$208, depend on your option. (price including PP fee)

1 order - 1 device
Make USB-GDROM order  (USB-GDROM with lid switch)
In most cases, ship out at next day after payment. , so don't expect fast answer
Don't send me your order second time.
Also I can accept Bitcoin, Payoneer and Webmoney payments.
Put to order note "Bitcoin" or "Payoneer" or "Webmoney"
At this moment, order with option "Lead time 2-3 days" are accepted pretty fast, 12 hours or less.

Shipping cost- 15 usd
Shipping time:

- to USA-  10-25 days (in most cases about 12 days)
- to England  12-25 days
- to Europe-  20-35 days
- to Canada -  30-55 days
- to Japan -  in most cases about 15 days
- to another countries -  15-60 days
uring holiday season it can take up to 2 times longer.
That is reason why till middle of Jan orders with option "Lead 2-3 days and PP 1nvoice " not accepted

В Москве можно купить при встрече.

Terms and conditions
if package will losted - after 90 days I will sent it again. No money Refund.
When you make payment - you automatically agree with that.

special offer - USB-GDROM for free