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last update of this page  Oct 12, 2018

All items in stock and ready for shipping.



 price usd
  USB for 3DO FZ-10   $115
  USB for Goldstar 3DO GDO-101   $115
  USB for Sanyo 3DO   $115
  USB for 3DO FZ-1 internal USB $170
  USB for 3DO FZ-1 external USB with front panel $205

Make 3DO USB order
1 order - 1 device
In most cases, ship out at next working day after payment.


USB-GDROM with lid switch: $150-$180, depend on your option. (price including PP fee)

1 order - 1 device
Make USB-GDROM order  (USB-GDROM with lid switch)
In most cases, ship out at next working day after payment.
If you need spare «lid switch»- put to order notes "+ switch", +2 usd more.
In most cases, ship out at next working day after payment.
Don't send me your order second time.
Also I can accept Bitcoin, Payoneer and Webmoney payments.
Put to order note "Bitcoin" or "Payoneer" or "Webmoney"
At this moment, order with option "Lead time 2-3 days" are accepted pretty fast, 12 hours or less.

Shipping cost- 15 usd
I am going to post office 3 times per week. In Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Shipping time:
- to USA-  10-25 days (in most cases about 12 days)
- to England  12-25 days
- to Europe-  20-35 days
- to Canada -  30-55 days
- to Japan -  in most cases about 15 days
- to another countries -  20-60 days
During holiday season it can take up to 2 times longer.
That is reason why till middle of Jan orders with option "Lead 2-3 days and PP 1nvoice " not accepted

В Москве можно купить при встрече.

Terms and conditions
if package will losted - after 90 days I will sent it again. No money Refund.
When you make payment - you automatically agree with that.

special offer - USB-GDROM for free

Misc stuff
prices including shipping

notes price
PAL, EU, no cables, no gamepad 225 usd
Lid switch for GDROM put to order
note your price
 charm "3DO Chip 1993" more info only 18 pcs available  9 usd
 charm "3DO Chip 1994" more info    6 usd

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